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Deputy Principal (Administration)


Loreto Kiambu High school is one of the school founded by the Loreto sisters and the foundress (Mary Ward) believed that “women in time will do great things.”

I have seen the school expand from a three to a six streamed school admitting students from all over East African countries.

The school has a diversified and an enriched curriculum courtesy of our chief prin-cipal Mrs. Kariuki who has always inspired me for her selfless commitment and dedication. The school gives holistic education-forming an all-round student.

I am very happy to serve God through the young girls whom I always challenge to reach their full potential and just as foundress said “Do good and do it well.” I take this opportunity to thank the T.S.C. for appointing a second deputy principal who is now in charge of academics. I am now in charge of administration.

I am in charge of students and staff discipline among other duties. I wish to thank members of the disciplinary committee for their tireless efforts in enhancing disci-pline. I also acknowledge the efforts of Guidance and counseling department for sup-porting us as we always refer students with chronic discipline problems to their de-partment.

I want to challenge the students that they have all the facilities ranging from hu-man to physical resource and text books. They have the potential to be future doc-tors, engineers, lawyers, pilots among other professions.

They only need to believe in themselves. My parting shot to the students is, “always aspire to better your best.” Teachers have confidence and hope in you.

Mrs. Julia Ngunjiri

Deputy Principal (Administration)

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