Chief Principal - Mrs. Lydia Kariuki


I wish to appreciate the good work done by various individuals who have contributed articles to this third Edition of the Loreto Kiambu school magazine. The girls call it “Our Voice” because it has given them a platform to air their views and opinions regarding many aspects that are of concern to them and their school including academic as well as co-curricular activities. Through the maga-zine, the students are able to voice their general outlook of life.

Owing to the expansion of the school to six streams with a population of about 1,300 students, it has only been possible to accord a select number of students the opportunity to express themselves in this magazine on behalf of their fellow students. I wish to thank them for volunteering to share their opinions and their God given talents and creativity with their colleagues.

The Loreto Kiambu staff members have also not been left behind as their contributions about their various undertakings in the school and their views about the school are also captured in this publi-cation. In that respect I wish to thank the teaching and non-teaching staff for their

support and contributions and in particular our Deputy principal (Academics) Mr. Richard Isaac Omondi for coordinating the collection, organization and editing of the materials.

Through his initiative the school has been able to publish the first, second and now the third school magazine.

I appreciate his commitment and dedication in ensuring the school gets a presentable magazine. Once again kudos to all who have contributed to the publication of this third edition school magazine.



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